What to buy when the in-crowd is invited

Bach drinks beer, three gallons at least,

and Wagner the wine from the Rhine

(and he swears it’s the older the better).

Rossini will always find by himself

the local wine that goes best with the dish,

but does not survive a long journey.

Mozart prefers champagne,

but drinks anything if invited;

Debussy likes champagne as well,

but only the real one

(not under 200 Florins the bottle).

Tchaikovsky drinks russian vodka;

Chopin drinks vodka at home,

and champagne if served by the Ladies

(Shostakovich the other way round).

Haydn drinks water (no time to be drunk)

or beer (no time to be sober).

Beethoven will share a glass of cider,

but then drink the bottle alone.

(At least these are my informations

which are neither complete nor exact).


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