Alte Worte 2: Englisch

Weiter geht es mit zwei englischen Gedichten (offensichtlich nutze ich alle mir bekannten Wörter. Für Eventuelle Fehler übernehme ich übrigens keine Verantwortung sondern weise frech auf die künstlerische Freihei hin. Freihei ohne t.)

Good company (2013)


So tonight I’ll go out and have company

In the company of myself.

And I’ll try to be very good company

For the company of myself.


I will try to make jokes that surprise me

And tell stories I never heard

To present me a meal to remember

And a wine that makes everything light.


I will make myself talk about problems

That I need to get out of my head,

About projects and plans for the future

That will make any future worth while.


I’ll be elegant, beautiful, witty,

And believe every word I will say

And I’ll smile when I feel that what’s wanted

Is a pretty and charming smile.


I’ll be generous and understanding

And invent funny stuff I can do

When it’s obvious that I am dreaming

Of talking to somebody else.


So tonight I’ll be very good company

For the company of myself

And I’ll even be keeping the promise

To do this again very soon.

Recurring (2013)


I still have been by life but slightly touched.

I only watch it pass behind the wall

That is as clear as it’s unbreakable

And must be made of glass, but can’t be changed.


The figures that appear behind the glass

Sometimes come closer than I think they can

So I reach out – and only touch the wall;

And startled by the knock, they walk away.


My stupid heart! It can’t give up the hope

That once the glass will break, or disappear.

It won’t do me the favour to be well.


It bumps against the glass from time to time

But it is just the heart that gets the cracks.

It won’t get wise, by life but slightly touched.


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